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French manufacturer of landscaping solutions

Well-thought-out spaces, a preserved planet

At ManOrga, our job is to create, manufacture, recycle and distribute products and services to sustainably organize spaces. With an international network of partner distributors, our storage solutions are distributed entirely in indirect circuit.

With more than 250 employees and 2 production sites located in Hauts-de-France, we produce daily 13 km of shelving, 1000 m² of mezzanines, and transform 100 tons of steel.
What drives us every day: making our planet a well-thought-out space.

From 1971 to 2030, a clear and committed vision

It all started in 1971, Yves Flipo made the first shelf without screws and bolts... The FLIP racking.

And since then, many employees have joined the ManOrga adventure, which has lasted for more than 50 beautiful years.

And since we want to see even further, we created NEO. This is the name we have given to our vision for 2030.
NEO is the result of collective work with the strong desire to innovate and leave our mark on the market in a responsible way.
Our ambition: to be the European reference for the sustainable and carbon-free economy of well-thought-out spaces.

Les collaborateurs devant l'usine formant un M et un O

People at the heart of our project

ManOrga shows that it is entirely possible to combine trust, respect, fairness, commitment and openness. These values form the basis of the Manorga culture and promote the well-being that reigns within the company.
To achieve great things, we believe that the key is to work together towards common horizons. That's why our vision is collaborative. And that everyone at ManOrga works every day to contribute to the achievement of our corporate goals and our commitments to the planet.

Commitments for our ecosystem

ManOrga, is committed to preserving the environment: we have only one habitable blue planet, we must take care of it.
It is up to us to create, manufacture, recycle and distribute products and services to sustainably organize spaces. It's up to us to innovate to eliminate plastic, recycle metal, and to establish ourselves as close as possible to our customers and to develop on digital.
The entire ManOrga team is mobilized for its distributors, its employees but also for future generations in a concrete CSR approach by limiting its environmental impact.
Let us contribute every day to making our planet a well-thought-out space.

4 ruches au fond de l'usine de Lys-Lez-Lannoy
Nos collaborateurs avec les pulls ManOrga

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At ManOrga, there are over 250 passionate employees benefiting from training and exciting development opportunities.