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Moment d'entraide entre deux collaborateurs

Our CSR commitments

Committed to reducing our impact on the environment from the outset

Our mission? To enhance our customers’ spaces by providing environment-friendly storage and layout solutions for business premises. The whole Manorga team rallies for its distributors and employees, but also for future generations with a concrete CSR approach designed to limit the company’s impact on the environment. We promote the well-being of our employees while boosting the local economy. The human is at the heart of our venture. We believe it is quite possible to combine trust, respect, fairness, commitment and openness.

The human is at the heart of our venture

One of ManOrga’s top priorities: its employees. Hence ManOrga cares about its employees’ work environment and provides open-plan spaces to create a serene atmosphere for collaboration. The offices are also adorned with plenty of plants which makes them pleasant to work in and creates an environment that promotes well-being.

Nos locaux pensés pour le bien être au travail de nos collaborateurs avec des plantes et des espaces lumineux
Collaborateurs entrain de former d'autres collaborateurs

Individual or group training

ManOrga supports its employees both when they take up their post and throughout their time with the company, nurturing their professional development as much as possible. Individual or group training is offered to all employees.

Furthermore, the company encourages internal mobility as part of employee development. Hence ManOrga prioritises and promotes the development of positions internally according to the skills, qualifications and desires of the employees.


Towards reducing our environmental footprint

We are alert to current issues and we care about our impact on the environment so here at ManOrga, we work with recycled or recyclable materials (steel) in creating our products.

Furthermore, recycling is a way of limiting our ecological footprint. Hence we provide numerous skips for our employees. That way, they can recycle a wide variety of materials, from paper to wood, textiles and metal.

Nos ruches au fond de l'usine de Lys-Lez-lannoy produisent du miel distribué aux collaborateurs

Récolte du miel Manorga

At the Lys-Lez-Lannoy site, we harvest over 30 kg of honey a year from our beehives. An environmental and ecological commitment to protecting our bees. A team of voluntary beekeepers from Manorga maintains our 4 beehives and harvests the honey from them once a year in July.

Electric charging points

To stay connected, ManOrga has equipped its fleet of maintenance vehicles with electric models. These vehicles serve as shuttles between the two production sites. There are 8 charging points for electric vehicles in our car park at Lys-Lez-Lannoy. And that’s just the start! More will be installed this summer in our factory car parks.

Who are they for?

For any of our employees or contractors who have an electric car!

What’s the goal?

To reduce the carbon footprint on recurring journeys and to facilitate eco-friendly mobility!

The most secure device on the market.

At ManOrga, we have a real desire, and have done for almost a decade, to limit our impact on the environment and to make our production more ethical.

Manorga, continuous innovation.


Bornes de recharges pour charger les voitures électiques sur le parking de Lys-Lez-Lannoy

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