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Our history

It all started in a garage…

…where Yves Flipo, originally from the north, decided to enter the storage market by creating the first shelving system without screws or bolts: the Flip shelving for light loads. Spurred on by the expansion of the shelving market, developing other ranges seemed an obvious choice. And that’s how the Fliplus, Epsivol and Adaptiv shelving systems came to be developed…


16 years later, the company expanded and moved to Roubaix in the heart of the industrial north.

Evolution of the company over time


1971 : Creation of ManOrga

1987 : Move to Roubaix

2000 : Construction of the production site in Leers

2004 : Construction of the site in Lys-Lez-Lannoy

2011 : Expansion of the factory in Lys-Lez-Lannoy

2021 : 50 years of French manufacturing from ManOrga

2022 : Stay connected!

During the 2000s, the company grew with the construction of two factories. The first was located in Leers and, a few years later, the second was established in Lys-Lez-Lannoy, just a few hundred metres from the first, as the crow flies.


The constant expansion of the company made it possible to acquire ever more efficient machines and to launch increasingly innovative ranges: partitioning systems, mezzanines, handling and safety equipment.


Today, there are some 250 employees working at Manorga, a sustainable company with strong values advocated by all employees.Philippe Sadowski, the President of ManOrga, wants to grow the company towards a 2030 vision based on the environment and the human.

Les chutes d'aciers sont récupérées pour créer d'autres rayonnages
years’ experience
m² of factory space
Logo des 50 ans de ManOrga, drapeau français

Our 50 years

An anniversary event!

50 years of French manufacturing, of projects, commitments, development and, above all, 50 years of human adventure. 2021 was a landmark year punctuated by events for our partners, employees and families to celebrate 50 years of ManOrga! Family days, customer events, goodies, the Saint-Éloi steel festival, games and competitions… we took the opportunity to celebrate together the years gone by and those yet to come.

Strong values

In manufacturing as in all our activities, we work and play as a team

We care about the well-being of our employees. We nurture their professional development by supporting them both when they take up their post and throughout their time with our company. At Manorga, we work in a friendly and collaborative work environment with bright spaces adorned with plenty of plants.

In addition, thanks to the Social and Sports Association created by Manorga, the employees come together to play team sports like football, table tennis, badminton, etc.

Made In France

Today, the short supply chains promote trust, support local products and ensure a fair price for both the producers and the consumers. At ManOrga, we are keen to promote Made in France and short supply chains. Hence 80% of the hardware products and paint powders are purchased within a radius of max. 300 kilometres.


Thanks to research and development, we are always able to anticipate and explore all possible solutions to the various problems. In fact, at ManOrga, the R&D division makes it possible for us to respond to the various customer requirements. From the very basic to the most sophisticated installations, R&D underpins our innovations and anticipation in every project.

Well-being at work

At ManOrga, our teams come first! The work environment has an impact on the teams. Our bright spaces with plenty of windows and open-plan work environments create a serene atmosphere for collaboration. The offices promote real communication and therefore “team playing”.

100% indirect distribution

Our strong points: adaptation and lead times

We support our distributor clients throughout all their customers’ projects by providing them with customised solutions with the best lead times on the market! Our capacity for adaptation and our lead times characterise us and are our strong points. They allow us to implement all your customers’ projects: from standard to tailor-made.

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