Galvanised shelving

 with EPSILINE tubular shelves

Galvanised shelving with EPSILINE tubular shelves

Epsiline is galvanised shelving that is stable without cross braces and meets a wide range of storage needs.
It is for storing light materials (up to 300 kg per level) on tubular shelves (cardboard boxes, tubs, mechanical parts, etc.). For small products (small cardboard boxes, bottles, containers, small boxes, etc.), we recommend using one of the shelf cover solutions available.

A special feature of this product is its shelf kit, which reduces the space needed for transport and storage.
To assemble, just interlock the elements – no screws, bolts or special tools required.

Has your initial requirement evolved? Your shelving can too. You can add, remove or replace shelves with ease without dismantling the entire structure.
Load capacities up to 1,600 kg per bay depending on the configuration.

Suitable for shops, garages, industrial premises

for storing plastic boxes, cardboard boxes, toolboxes, etc.

To be assembled

to use up minimum floor space.

Assembly without screws or bolts.

Shelving designed

for double-sided use (no cross brace).

Hardboard covering

optional for a better finish.


Technical characteristics :

  • Upright

    • “T” profile 40x37mm, no perforations on the front, side perforations every 40 mm.
    • Plastic foot.
  • Shelf

    • Can be completely dismantled, clips directly into the side perforations of the uprights.
    • Consists of 2 front tubes, 2 side tubes and central tubes (number depends on depth)
  • Shelf covers (optional)

    • Natural hardboard
    • Galvanised steel sheet

Accessories :

  • Pied  Plastique
  • Platine Métal galvanised 67x52x2.5 mm
  • Clips de jumelage pour poteaux dos à dos
  • Platine de calage

Standard colours :

Galvanised uprights

Galvanised shelves

Dimensions :


  • 1.760 mm
  • 2.000 mm
  • 2.280 mm
  • 2.520 mm
  • 2.760 mm
  • 3.000 mm


  • 1.000 mm
  • 1.250 mm
  • 1.500 mm


  • 300 mm
  • 388 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 700 mm
  • 800 mm
  • 1.000 mm

Load capacities

  • up to 300 kg per shelf
  • up to 1.600 kg per bay uniformly distributed and depending on configuration