Industrial partition


Industrial mesh partition

A multifunctional product:
– Protect employees from hazardous areas and goods as well as from stored products falling off the shelving.
– Delimit storage areas and work stations.
– Organise production sites and work areas.
– Secure goods against opportunistic theft and deterioration.
Quick and easy to install.

A stylish solution available in a wide range of colours so you can coordinate it with your colour scheme.
Evolves as your business evolves thanks to a fully modular, self-supporting system (panels can be interchanged or replaced with a mesh door without dismantling the entire structure) and a wide range of sizes, upright finishes and doors.

Quick and easy to assemble with a secure panel attachment system that ensures the industrial partition wall cannot be disassembled from the outside.

Self-supporting and scalable system

that can be adapted as your business develops

Fully modular:

you can mix heights, lengths and panel types

Many accessories for multiple combinations

ensuring the safety of people and the security of spaces and goods as well as better organisation of your factories and warehouses

No gusset on the base for better optimisation

of the space between the floor and the panels

Mesh wire is welded and crushed

onto the tubular structure of the frame for a better finish and increased security

Robust thanks to uprights

with welded footplate

Unique assembly system that ensures

the panels cannot be disassembled from the outside

Locks with double handle

and European barrel equipped with 4 keys as standard


Technical characteristics :

  • Upright

    • With welded bases and anchoring systems
    • Corner uprights available
  • Panels

    • Standard modules assembly using a secure system that ensures the panels cannot be disassembled from the outside.
      • Mesh panel (mesh 50x50x3.5 mm)
      • Semi-mesh panel (diamond plate 0.8 mm + mesh 50x50x3.5 mm)

Standard colours :

Light grey 7035

Shelves anthracite grey
RAL 7024

Dimensions :

Lengths des panneaux

  • 150 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 750 mm
  • 1000 mm
  • 1.200 mm
  • 1.500 mm

Heights des panneaux

  • 2.200 mm
  • 2.400 mm
  • 3.000 mm

Heights des poteaux

  • 2.200 mm
  • 3.000 mm
  • 4.000 mm
  • 5.000 mm
  • 6.000 mm