Painted shelving with QUICK’TUBE tubular shelves

Quick’Tube is simple tubular shelving to meet basic storage needs. It is designed for storing light goods on tubular shelves (up to 220 kg / shelf).

Adding a hardboard cover creates a solid shelf and improves usability. Quick’Tube boasts an ingenious design that allows easy assembly without screws or bolts.

Has your initial requirement evolved? Your shelving can too. You can add, remove or replace shelves with ease without dismantling the entire structure.

Load capacities up to 1200 kg per bay depending on the configuration. The structure and the different configurations give Quick’tube perfect stability. With no need for a cross brace, double-sided storage, especially for archives, is the real advantage of this system.

Quick and easy assembly:

just click the shelves into the perforations of the uprights.

Shelving designed

for double-sided use (no cross brace).


Technical characteristics :

  • Upright

    • “C” profile 30x25x7.5×1.5 mm with perforations every 62.5
  • Tubular shelf :

    • One piece made of welded tubes with 4 upright-connectors on the corners.
  • Shelf covers (optional) :

    • Natural hardboard 2.5 mm thick

Accessories :

  • Plastic feet

Standard colours :

Uprights blue RAL 5015

Dimensions :


  • 2.000 mm
  • 2.500 mm


  • 1.000 mm
  • 1.250 mm
  • 1.500 mm


  • 300 mm
  • 366 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 700 mm

Load capacities

  • up to 1200 kg per bay