EPSIVOL Shelving

for vertical storage

EPSIVOL shelving for vertical storage

Epsivol vertical shelving is specially designed for vertical storage of long items (tubes, beams, pipes, battens, etc.) up to 3 metres long.

This shelving system suits a variety of needs because it comes in 2 versions: single or double-sided.

Load capacities up to 130 kg per ground shelf.

Wide range of options available for optimal organisation, management and identification of your goods.
For fast and easy assembly on-site, the frames are supplied pre-assembled (excluding the base).


Ideal for storing your long items

(tubes, beams, planks, etc.)

2 versions available

(single or double-sided) for total optimisation of your storage space

Dividers optional


Technical characteristics :

  • Frame

    • Bottle-profile uprights 50×50 mm – 1.5 mm
    • Double perforations on the front every 50 mm
    • Galvanised “C” profile horizontal and diagonal braces 25×15 mm to be bolted on the uprights
    • Base for ground shelf
  • Beams

    • Welded connecting parts with 3 location points
    • Perforated step beams 65x36x12
  • Bracing

    • Frame to be bolted between 2 columns
  • Ground shelf

    • Galvanised, to be bolted onto the base of the frame

Accessories :

  • Side end-stop for ground shelf
  • Arch divider
  • Tube divider
  • Label-holding wire divider

Standard colours :

Frames Anthracite Grey RAL 7024

Beams Light grey 7035

Dimensions :


  • 2.500 mm
  • 3.000 mm


  • 1.500 mm
  • 1.800 mm


  • 340 mm
  • 500 mm