Steel sheet ADAPTIV

Galvanised shelving with ADAPTIV steel sheet shelves

Adaptiv is an industrial steel sheet shelving system with a load capacity of up to 330 kg per level.
This storage solution is renowned for being the most modular on the market thanks to its extensive range of accessories.

Completed with side panels, back panels, doors, dividers, compartments and drawers, etc., it can be adapted to suit even the most exacting customisation requirements.
With a galvanised finish, it is perfect for all the constraints of the industrial environment, especially greasy and oily products, etc.

Robust and able to bear loads of up to 3000 kg/bay, it can be used for a wide variety of installations on one or more floor levels.

Perfect for storing semi-heavy items

in your storeroom or workshop

Easy assembly

Robust shelving

you can install a mezzanine floor above

THE perfect shelving for storage

in spare parts shops, car dealerships and hardware stores, etc.


Technical characteristics :

  • Upright

    • Profile 43×39 mm – side perforations every 25 mm for shelf adjustment – perforations on the front every 50 mm for mounting the cross brace and certain accessories
    • Plastic foot or bolt-on galvanised metal foot 100x57x3 mm
  • Shelf

    • Steel sheet, profiled and clinched – height: 32 mm – mounted using crossbars fitted into side perforations on the uprights – perforated every 50 mm for fitting dividers.

Accessories :

  • Shelf reinforcement
  • Reinforcement “face”
  • Steel sheet back wall
  • Perforated steel sheet back wall
  • Mesh back walls
  • Steel sheet side wall
  • Perforated bay-end side panel
  • Back wall supports plastic bins
  • Steel sheet divider
  • Door with lock
  • Sliding drawer
  • Floor trim
  • Shelf infill
  • Shelf upstand
  • Mat support/Closet
  • Angled shelves
  • Gangway sign
  • Dividers
  • Tyre beams

Standard colours :

Galvanised uprights and shelves

Painted finish optional

Dimensions :


  • From 1000mm to 7500mm in multiples of 250 mm


  • 1.000 mm
  • 1.250 mm
  • 1.300 mm


  • 300 mm
  • 400 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 700 mm
  • 800 mm

Load capacities

  • up to 330 kg per shelf (with reinforcement)
  • up to 3.000 kg per bay uniformly distributed and depending on configuration