FLIPLUS painted shelving

Fliplus shelving boasts a significant load capacity per level (up to 500 kg), allowing for easy and efficient storage on tubular or steel sheet shelves.

2 types of shelves: tubular or steel sheet. Interchangeable, even within the same bay, they allow you to tailor the structure to suit the products to be stored (tubular for cardboard boxes, tubs and other packaged items – steel sheet for loose items, machined parts, moulds, etc.).

Easy, toolless assembly – just slot the shelf connectors into the uprights.
Shelf covers in chipboard, steel sheet or mesh to meet the requirements of specific products to be stored (greasy products, installations protected by sprinklers, etc.).

Has your initial requirement evolved? Your shelving can too. You can add, remove or replace shelves or bays with ease without dismantling the entire structure.

Its wide range of shelf sizes (up to 1510 x 1200 mm) and maximum height of 8.5 metres allow for all sorts of different configurations. Stable and robust, this product is perfect for creating very tall and multi-level installations.

Ideal for completely safe storage

of your semi-heavy loads

Quick and easy assembly by fitting the shelves

to the uprights, without screws or bolts


that allows multi-tier installations

2 types of shelves (tubular, steel sheet) compatible with each other

for a configuration tailored to your needs


Technical characteristics :

  • Upright

    • “C” profile 50x30x15x1.5 mm perforated every 62.5 or 31.25 mm
    • Plastic foot, galvanised footplate or welded footplate
  • Shelf

    • 3 types of shelves of tubular design with 4 upright-connectors and 2 clamps for the 250 kg version
    • 3 clamps for the 500 kg version.

    Photo 1 : Tubular 250 kg version :one piece made from welded tubes 20×20 mm
    Photo 1 :Tubular 500 kg version :one piece made from welded tubes 35×20 and 20×20 mm
    Photo 2 : Steel sheet : Steel sheet folded and welded on the 500 kg tubular version
    Photo 3 : Mesh 50×50 mm with 3 mm diameter wire welded under the tubular 500 kg version

  • Shelf covers (optional)

    • Natural hardboard 2.5 mm
    • Galvanised steel sheet 0.8 mm thick
    • Chipboard 8 mm
    • Mesh covers

Accessories :

  • Plastic foot
  • Welded footplate
  • Galvanised footplate 110x50x3 mm
  • Side cross brace
  • Entretoise de jumelage
  • Row spacer Stop (central, front/back, side)
  • Back and side wall
  • Safety pin

Standard colours :

Uprights blue RAL 5015

Shelves Blue RAL 5015

Dimensions :


  • De 1000mm à 8500mm par multiple de 250 mm


  • 760 mm
  • 1.010 mm
  • 1.260 mm
  • 1.510 mm


  • 300 mm
  • 366 mm
  • 400 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 700 mm
  • 800 mm
  • 1.000 mm
  • 1.200 mm

Load capacities

  • up to 500 kg per shelf
  • up to 2.500 kg per bay uniformly distributed and depending on configuration